Labneh (G)

homemade lebanese-style cream cheese with olive oil
5,50 €

Mussabaha (A),(C),(G)

chickpeas with garlic, yogurt lemonjuice and sesam sauce
6,90 €

foul breakfast (F),(N)

beans, garlic, olive oil
6,90 €

hummus with minzed meat (N)

pureed chickpeas with garlic, lemonjuice and sesame souce
9,90 €

Oriental breakfast (A),(C),(G),(N)

ten types oriental specialties, jam, butter and bread
11,90 €

from 9:00 a.m up to 01:00 p.m

Egg Dishes

Scrambled egg (A),(G)

with fried Sucuk- sausages (merguez) and butter
7,90 €

Two fried eggs (A)

served in a pan with hot tomatoesauce and onions
7,50 €

Scrambled eggs palace stxle (A),(G)

with two slice of roastbeef, grilled tomatoes and grated Shsnklish-cheese 
11,90 €

From 9:00 a. up to 01:00 p.m.

All egg dishes served with mixed pickles, pickled turips and bread (A)

Appetizer cold and warm Mezza

2. Classic hummus (N)

pureed chickpeas, with garlic and sesam sauce
5,90 €

3. Baba Ghannij

Eggplant puree, with sesame sauce, garlic and olive oil
6,50 €

4. Hummus with minced meat and pine nuts (N)

pureed chickpeans with garlic, lemon juice and sesam sauce
8,50 €

5, Kibbe Mekliyne ( 3 pieces ) (A)

Ground beef mixed with durum wheat semolina, filled with ground beef and pine nuts
5,90 €

6. Rolled puff pastry ( 5 pieces ) (A),(G)

filed with cheese and parsley, then fried
5,50 €

7, Vine leaves ( 5 pieces )

filles with onions, parsley, beef tomatoes, mint, rice, lemon juice and olive oil
6,50 €

8. Batata Harra

fried potato cubes in fresh coriander and peporicini
5,90 €

9. Tabouleh (A)

parsley salad, finely chopped with tomato, mint, onions, lemon, olive oil and durum wheat semolina
6,50 €

Soups and Appetizer

Tomato-Courgettesoup (A),(G),(O),(L)

with thyme and fresh sheep cheese
4,90 €

Crispy Sweet potato-French fries with herb curd (G)

5,90 €

Pan of vegetables with herb curd (G),(L)

10,90 €

Beef Carpaccio (M),(L)

with lettuce and parmesan flskes
12,90 €


Colourful mixed salad (M),(O)

with cherry tomatoes, roasted sunflower seeds, cucumber and carrots with balsamico vinegar

optinal with :

French sheep cheese & olives (G),(M),(O)                        10,90
Tuna & boield egg with toasted flatbread (C),(D),(M),(O)   10,90
Spicy marinated chicken breast fillet (I),(M)                     
with mango slices, balsamico vinegar                               12,90
8,90 €

Palace Pan

Veal & Chickenbreast Fillet Strips (A),(G),(O),(L)

with spicy tomatosauce, mushrooms, sweet pepper, onions and basmati rice 
13,90 €

Stuffed sweet peppers (A),(G),(O),(L)

with mashed vegetable-sweet potatoes, tomatosauce and grated french sheep´s cheese
12,90 €

Braised lamb shsnk on rodmrinjuis (A),(G),(O),(L)

with vegetables and potatoes
18,90 €

7 King Prawns (B)

with chilli, cherry tomatos, snow pea and garlic in olive oil severd with basmati rice, in a hot pan
18,90 €

Sea bream steamed in the oven ( Smla Harra) (D)

with hot sauce with tomatos, coriander, paprika, garlic, chilli and onions, olive oil, stesmed in itd own juice, served in a hot pan
21,90 €

Our fresh specialities directly from the oven

Classic Dishes

Veat Escalope (A),(C),(M),(L)

breaded vealescalope with coleslaw snd french fries
16,90 €

Vest liver steak (A),(G),(O),(L)

with onions in balsamico vinegar sauce, served with mashed sweet potatoes
14,90 €

Fried pikeperch (A),(D),(G),(L)

with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, sage butter and mashed sweet potatoes
16,90 €

Fried ses bream Royal (D),(G)

with fresh vegetables and potatoes
18,90 €

Colorful salad with toasted flatbread

3,90 €

Specialities from the Lava stone grill

Ground beef ( 3 pieces Lebanese style) (M)

14,90 €

2 chicken breast fillet skewers

14,90 €

2 lamb skewers

14,90 €

Argentinean Rump steak 200g

optional with french fries or rosmary potatoes
18,90 €

Argentinean Rump Steak 200g

with seasonal vegetables and potatoes
21,90 €

XXL Homemade Cheesburger (A),(G),(N) 230g

with coleslaw and french fries 
11,90 €

Colorful salad with toasted flatbread

3,90 €

the dishes are served with braised vegetables and potatoes


Penne allarrabbista (A)

with garlic, chilli, tomatoe sauce, olives and parmesan flakes

optional with :

Chickenbreast                      12,90
5 King prawns                      15,90
10,90 €